DBE in California, Inc.

DBE in California, Inc. was originally chartered in 1909 and is currently split into two mini states: DBE in California Inc. and DBE Northern California to make the area more geographically manageable.
DBE in California Inc. encompasses the following counties:

  • Imperial

  • Kern

  • Los Angeles

  • Orange

  • Riverside

  • San Bernardino

  • San Diego

  • San Luis Obispo

  • Santa Barbara

  • Ventura

San Luis Obispo and Kern counties are our most northern counties and Imperial and San Diego are our southernmost counties.

State Board members are elected for two-year terms by our local membership and have monthly meetings to conduct State business.

Members are organized into 18 chapters and we always welcome new members. Chapters vary in size and the name of each Chapter is that of a person, place, or event having significance in our history and culture. We have at least 8 monthly meetings each year and operate through our Chapter Officers. We organize fundraising events within our chapters on an ongoing basis; support the June Fair at the British Home and other chapters’ events if possible.

A lot of our chapters give back to their local communities by supporting local 501©3 charities, either financially or by collecting in-kind donations.

For more information, please fill out the form on our ‘Contact Us’ section and we will be in touch.